the mindful dating journal

Find a healthy, lasting love on purpose. You are powerful when you’re intentional!

About a year ago, I found myself so discouraged in the dating process because it dawned on me that I was the common denominator in all my failed relationships. Despite all my desires to find a healthy relationship, somehow I kept choosing the toxic ones, making the same painful mistakes on repeat. Though it wasn’t easy to admit at the time, I realize now that I’m the only one who can get myself out of this dysfunctional Dating Loop.

I had to see myself clearly and own my poor choices. Not fun! But so necessary. You see, I was spending way too much time with the WRONG partner. I didn’t want to be alone and I was hoping they would fill this empty void that I was feeling. I even thought I could change them into the perfect partner that I was looking for.⠀⠀

I saw the error in my ways but needed a tool to ensure I would make better choices this time around. So I reached out to a 20-year therapist and now Life Coach Christy Maxey, MC after reading her book, How to Love Yourself. Fast forward a year later, and together, we wrote and self-published The Mindful Dating Journal. 

We genuinely believe that everyone is deserving and worthy of a healthy, lasting love. Our goal is to help others navigate the modern dating world more intentionally. ⠀⠀

Navigating the modern dating world with intention

The Mindful Dating Journal is both a book and an interactive journal. It’s a practical tool to help you intentionally navigate the dating process with more confidence and increased self-awareness. The first two chapters include proven self-healing techniques to help you reconnect with yourself, build self-esteem, and develop emotional resilience.

The third and final chapter consists entirely of blank journal pages. Take time to reflect with this journal after each new date, as well as repeat dates with the same person. Make it a habit to get in touch with your emotions, investigate your thoughts, and learn how to make wise dating decisions you can trust.

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