the stones by cate Cannington

Cate Cullington’s The Stones is a modern, intense and compelling crime thriller – embroiling readers in a unique dilemma. A young woman is concerned about the mental state of her brother and is worried he may have something to do with a complex missing person’s case. She confides in her boyfriend, a police officer, who is left torn between family and his responsibility as the case takes a startling turn…

Even though it may be her debut novel, Cate Cullington has used The Stones as a way to break onto the literary scene with gusto.

Her debut release is a complex and enthralling work of crime fiction, as themes of family loyalty, mental fragility, secrets and trust collide into an epic dilemma one young woman and her husband are forced to face.

Synopsis of The Stones

Teresa had never known Mark hurt anyone, other than himself. But, as much as she loved her brother, she couldn’t shake the thought that something sinister was going on.” The Stones, a gripping modern crime novel, follows the story of a broken family and their involvement in a complex missing persons case. Teresa is trying to move on from her troubled marriage and embrace life as a single mother, but cannot let go of concerns about her brother’s strange behaviour. She fears that Mark’s mental health is declining once again, and begs him to talk to her, but he remains distant and evasive. 

Concerned that he might be hiding something, she confides in her boyfriend Dan, a local police officer. But as the missing persons case Dan is involved with develops, he must decide where his loyalties lie: with the law or with Teresa and her family?

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