A Good Life another great romance by Leanne Lovegrove book review by duffythewriter

Another great read from Leanne Lovegrove!

A two million dollar mistake. Unemployed and afraid she flees to her eccentric old aunt, a noted artist living in a ramshackle cottage in secluded rural hinterland. Life has never seemed more difficult. 

Brodie Quade is her aunt’s protégé. Born and raised in the region, he paints controversial pieces that depict life’s injustices while working at his parent’s caravan park. He’s going nowhere but dreams of changing the world. 

Greta represents everything Brodie detests about our greedy and shallow society. Yet in the tranquillity of her aunt’s home, they learn to accept each other and begin to heal old wounds. When all they’ve gained is threatened by the sudden return of Greta’s past, they are forced to face the truth. Has Greta really learned from her mistakes? Is Brodie man enough to do more than confront the wrongs of the world and challenge his own beliefs?

A Good Life is a moving story about forgiveness, acceptance and choosing the right path.

Duffy’s Thoughts on A Good Life

When Leanne Lovegrove asked me if I would be interested in reviewing her new book, A Good Life, I jumped at the chance! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed her past reads and her latest release is no exception.

What I love about Leanne’s stories is that they bring together great, realistic characters with heart and soul and always manages to tie in a contemporary and topical angle. In Unexpected Delivery, Leanne highlighted the very real struggles Australian Farmers face and in A Good Life Leanne explores two struggles. One is the internal conflict many of us have when we choose to follow our real passion instead of earning a regular wage at a regular job. Two is the struggle for those who have been convicted of a crime. Who want to get back on the straight and narrow, and to contribute and redeem themselves in society.

The small cast of characters are well developed and balance each other perfectly. Millie is, in particular, is a special character and it shines through the pages that Leanne loved writing this parallel story arc. I hope that there is a spin-off prequel that delves into Millie’s early years!

I thoroughly enjoyed A Good LIfe, and if you enjoy a contemporary Australian story with a dash of wholesome, then you should grab yourself a copy today!

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