From the New York Times bestselling author of The Last House Guest–a Reese Witherspoon Book Club selection–comes a new riveting suspense novel about a mysterious murder in an idyllic and close-knit neighborhood.

There was no warning that she would come back.

Welcome to Hollow’s Edge. A private and idyllic neighbourhood, one where neighbours know each other, celebrate graduation and holiday parties together, and look out for one another. But after the sudden deaths of Brandon and Fiona Truett, there’s another version of Hollow’s Edge, simmering underneath. One where everyone is trapped with each other, suffocated by their trial testimonies, their versions of the facts. And now, the woman they put away for the crime is back.

Nearly a year earlier, Ruby Fletcher was convicted of killing Brandon and Fiona Truett by carbon monoxide poisoning. Neighbours had testified, calling her a grifter, a thief, a sociopath. Now, with her conviction overturned, Ruby is back at Hollow’s Edge as if nothing has happened. When she waltzes into the home where she once lived with Harper Nash, Harper is shocked. And afraid. What does Ruby want? And more importantly, why would she possibly return to a place filled with the people who accused her?

As Ruby’s return reminds the community of the initial crime, the neighbourhood reinstates nightly watches. Vigilant or afraid? Everyone wants to know why Ruby would come back. If it’s for revenge, who is the target? If Ruby is innocent, like she claims, then a killer has been living with them, all along. Soon terrified neighbours turn on each other once more. And it becomes clear that not everyone told the truth about that night. When Harper begins receiving threatening, anonymous notes, she knows she must uncover the truth before someone else–maybe even Harper herself–gets hurt.

Filled with the signature shocking twists that are Megan Miranda’s trademark, Such a Quiet Place is Megan Miranda’s best novel yet–a twisty and nearly locked-box thriller that will keep you turning pages late into the night.

such a quiet place book review by duffythewriter
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Duffy’s Thoughts on Such a Quiet Place

If you love a good domestic thriller and authors such as Gillian Flynn, Louise Candlish and Robyn Harding, you will love Such A Quiet Place.

Harper, the main protagonist lives in an idyllic enclave called Hollow’s Edge. A Stepford-Esque neighbourhood where everybody knows everybody else, there are community meetings and parties at the communal pool. It’s also a neighbourhood where one false move can have you excluded from the inner circle and where secrets are never kept for long.

Ruby was convicted and then acquitted of the murder of two of her neighbours. On her release, she returns to Hollow’s Edge to get under the skin of the residents who testified against her. However, is Ruby back for revenge? Or, to finish what she started?

I had no idea of the ending until I read the last few pages. Such A Quiet Place is a highly polished domestic thriller with a watertight plot. I loved how just when you thought you had it all sussed out, the focus shifts to another member of Hollow’s Edge which has you back to square one. A thoroughly enjoyable and suspenseful read.

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