The Rose Daughter book review by Duffythewriter

The new gripping female-led fantasy from author Maria Lewis with her trademark brand of feisty female heroines, world-building and a bit of romance, perfect for fans of Leigh Bardugo, Sarah J Maas and Charlaine Harris.

She never meant to be a hero . . . 

In fact, Dreckly Jones has made a point her whole life to be exactly not that. The daughter of a forbidden union between an earth elemental and a selkie, her rare powers have meant she has always had a target on her back.

So Dreckly – a 40-something oyster shucker according to her fake documents, 140-something sprite if you’re going to get all nit-picky about it – has become an expert at many things. Chief amongst them: hiding. 

When she meets a determined group of rebels who desperately need her help, she finds herself wanting to stick her neck out for the first time in a long while. Yet is she ready to be noticed? Is Dreckly willing to use her powers to stand up when it could cost her everything?

Duffy’s Thoughts on The Rose Daughter

Ever since I read an unpublished copy of Who’s Afraid? I’ve been a Maria Lewis fan. Her books are feisty, with strong women, fantastical other-worldly beings, all living in iconic cities around the world such as Berlin and Sydney. The Rose Daughter does not disappoint. In fact, it could be one of my favourites.

What I love about Lewis’s books is the meticulous detail to world-building. How she keeps track of all the worlds and the ties that bind them is nothing short of spectacular to me. Dreckly Jones slots in perfectly, and as a book heroine, she has to be right up there. What I love about The Rose Daughter is that no only do you get to dive into a fantasy world of werewolves, selkies and sprites, but you also get to travel right back in time too. As a Sydney-sider, I also loved reading about other-worldly drama going down right on my doorstep. Following Dreckly through bars, Sydney streets which are my stomping ground and the iconic (with a slightly sketchy undertone) Sydney Fish Markets.

If you love Maria Lewis books, you will adore The Rose Daughter. However, if you love adult fantasy novels with a contemporary, feminist vibe, then I strongly suggest you dip your toe into the world of Dreckly Jones.

Grab your copy from Booktopia and all good book stores available April 13th published by Hachette.

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