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THE EXTRAORDINARY ORDINARY (feature narrative drama film)

The Extraordinary Ordinary is an award-winning drama, a college freshman moves across the country to cope with her mental health as well as a traumatic incident from high school, while befriending a classmate and a co-worker who have a history of their own. Years after being attacked in high school, a college student (ERICA) moves to California in hopes to finish an old photography project for closure. In CA, she meets and befriends two individuals (ALEX, BIANCA) who have a history of their own. While adjusting to her new life, ERICA’s past and old coping mechanisms heighten.

Film festival selection:

  • Awareness Film Festival (AFF)
  • Glendale International Film Festival (GIFF)
  • Los Angeles Diversity Film Festival (LADFF)
  • Winner of ‘Best Film About Women’s Empowerment at GIFF
  • Winner of ‘Best Performance – Maddison Bullock’ at LADFF
  • Nominees for Best Director, Best Female Director, and Best Feature at GFF

The film is now available for rental or purchase on Amazon PrimeTubiIMDb TV, and Google Play. The film is also available to subscribers of the products for public libraries (Access Video On Demand) and colleges & universities (Films On Demand). Ask your local library for details.

Rental, purchase, trailers, and social media links can be found at the following link: https://linktr.ee/ExtraordinaryOrdinary 

HOWARD ORIGINAL (feature comedy-drama, LGBTQ film) – Friday May 21, 2021

Howard Original is an award-winning comedy-drama satire about the entertainment industry, where a washed-up screenwriter encounters multiple life crises when his pet cat comes to life. (Based on the 2017 short film, Howard Original). The project is based on the award-winning short film of the same name, “Howard Original” which took home Best Film at the Culver City Film Festival and was nominated for Best Comedy Film at the Oregon Film Festival. 

Film festival selection:

  • Silicon Beach Film Festival (SBFF)
  • Culver City Film Festival (CCFF)
  • Winner of ‘Best Screenplay Adapted from Another Medium’ at CCFF

For updates and further information on the project, including trailers and social media, and forthcoming rental and purchase links, visit our main website: https://linktr.ee/howardoriginal 

ELEPHANT & SKELETONS (Young Adult Thriller, Fiction – book series)

Elephant (book 1): One summer. Four childhood best friends. They uncover multiple family secrets that change their lives forever.

Skeletons (book 2): Immediately following book one, “Elephant,” Matthew “Matty” Smith awakens from his coma and discovers that his worst nightmare is all true: his grandmother, Jamie, and Derek have gone missing and his mother murdered his father and grandfather years ago.

All appropriate links and future updates on the two books, including social media and trailers, can be found at the link: https://linktr.ee/elephantbooks

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