Pass The Pig leadership by attraction book review

Forcing people and results is less effective than attracting them.  While many of us know that, we often fall into behaviours that interfere with our progress. 

Pass the Pig: Leadership by Attraction embraces the reality that people have dreams of their own, and if you want them to help you achieve your dreams, you must find ways to influence and attract them. People have many options of how to spend their time and talents, so attracting the best to your mission takes intentionality.

Learn to maximize your attraction by focusing on the areas that matter most:

  • Make it Clear vs. Ping-Pong Pig
  • Make it Fun vs. Party- Pooper Pig
  • Make it Yours vs. Parked Pig
  • Make it Theirs vs. Pile-It-On Pig


  • Make it Happen

The “Pigs” represent the challenges that get in your way. They snort and squeal for attention, distract, confuse, and diminish your ability to attract people and results. Real-world stories and exercises included in the book will help you learn to Pass the Pig and maximize your Leadership by Attraction. 

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Who is Anne Lakusta?

Anne Lakusta is a business leader, motivational teacher, avid real estate investor, serial entrepreneur, leadership coach, a nine-year veteran of elected office, blessed cancer survivor, chronic volunteer, Mom, Grandma… and constant storyteller!

She’s spent years studying—and living—leadership and the power of influence in business, politics, and our everyday lives. As we face an epidemic of loneliness and confusion about the definition of leadership, finding your passion, building your team, and helping others find the ways in which they matter has never been more relevant. The need for leaders who take others with them is more pressing now than ever.

Visit or to take a personal diagnostic and identify your own “pig” – along with strategies to overcome it.

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