Joe wicks 30 day kick start plan review by duffythewriter

Easy to read, fantastic tasty recipes and a positive vibe. The Body Coach is here to kick off 2021 with the right mindset and a happier (and smaller) tummy!

I am usually the last one to buy into a ‘New Year New Me!’ mindset and if 2020 has taught me anything, it’s that putting too much pressure on yourself simply ends up a bad time all around. However, when I saw the nations PE teacher had a 30-day kick start plan I was keen to read it. Why? I can only say that Joe Wicks seems like a bloomin nice, down to earth bloke. Quite unlike some of some other health guru’s out there!

All of the recipes look as simple and just as tasty as a Hello Fresh meal and meals and snacks I would happily tuck into. Freshly baked fish, tasty curries, and the Elvis pancakes speak for themselves.

Elvis pancakes

The 30 Day Kick Start Plan is about good nutrition and exercise that suits you for both body and mind. It all starts with simple steps which then form a habit and gets you out of your ‘iso’ rut.

I am that person that immediately feels obligated and backed into a corner when I start to follow a new diet or exercise plan. Then my old friend self-sabotage usually creeps in week two. However, whilst reading this book I actually felt I was chatting to a mate down the pub who wanted to partner up and be just a little better.

That’s achievable, right?

There is no chance I’ll suddenly become this thin, glowing woman with the core strength of a Ninja, but I am feeling pretty confident that next month me is going to be a little healthier than this month me. I’ve decided to attempt the below small steps:-

  • First and foremost, I will not beat myself up if I miss a goal, or snooze the alarm, as long as I get back into it the next day, it’s ok
  • I’m going to plan my meals for the week and prep where I can
  • No takeaways in Jan (unless we go back into lockdown in which case all cards are then off the table)
  • I am going to do an online workout twice a week and ensure I get out for a decent walk every day
  • No booze midweek
  • Fewer carbs
  • Try some of the Joe Wicks recipes and get them into my regular meal rotation
  • Get back into using my Calm app each morning before starting the day

Grab yourself a copy of the 30 Day Kick Start Plan with Joe Wicks and join me to make small, measurable and sustainable changes to a healthier 2021!

Joe wicks 30 day kick start plan review Duffthewriter
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More about 30 Day Kick Start Plan

Lacking motivation?
Know what you should do, but don’t know where to start?
Want to cook better, healthier food?
This 30-day plan from the nation’s favourite PE teacher will help you create new habits, keep on track and feel brilliant inside and out.

Food and fitness sensation Joe Wicks, aka the Body Coach, has helped millions of people to keep fit and cook healthy, simple recipes. He’s back with his 30-Day Kick Start Plan to make it easier than ever before to motivate your weight-loss journey and get more active. 

Inside are one hundred delicious, sustaining recipes and ten brand new HIIT workouts to help you get in shape. Combined with weekly plans that can help you prep like a boss, this approach is easy to personalize according to your own day-to-day habits and will help everyone kick start a healthier lifestyle without looking back.

The man who has kept the nation moving during lockdown, Joe has sold more than 3 million books in the UK alone. He has more than four million followers on social media where fans share their personal journeys towards a leaner, fitter lifestyle. All of his books have been non-fiction number one bestsellers.

Who Is Joe Wicks?

Joe Wicks, aka The Body Coach, is Britain’s favourite healthy cook and fitness sensation. He is also the author of Lean in 15 – The Shift Plan, Lean in 15 – The Shape PlanLean in 15 – The Sustain Plan, The Fat-Loss Plan, Cooking for Family and Friends, Joe’s 30-Minute Meals, Veggie Lean in 15 and Wean in 15.