By E.B. Roshan

Love is a Choice.

Nobody would have put Radoslav and Dunya together. She’s Tur. He’s Sevian. She’s is stuck in a refugee camp. He’s working for the people who put her there. With three years of war and a fifteen-foot fence between them, finding happiness together seems impossible. But Radoslav can’t get the girl with the pink hair—or her missing cat—out of his mind.

I’m pleased to announce the release of Love Costs, the third book in the Shards of Sevia series. It’s a satisfying moment. In just over a year, I’ve written, edited and created covers for three short novels, stories of faith, hope and love in the midst of danger. Also, Love Costs marks the halfway point in the series—time to sit back and take a breath.

Love Costs was fun to write, and now it’s fun (and a bit nerve-wracking) to imagine people I’ve never met reading it. But you can hardly go wrong with the classic formula–an ordinary, somewhat boring guy makes a choice that thrusts him into an extraordinary adventure…

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About the Author:

E.B. Roshan has enjoyed a nomadic lifestyle for several years, spending time in the Middle East and Asia. Now she is temporarily settled in Missouri with her husband and two sons, where she serves the local refugee community. When she’s not cooking, cleaning, or chasing the boys, she’s writing the latest instalment in Shards of Sevia, her ongoing romantic suspense series set in the war-torn (and fortunately fictional) nation of Sevia.

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Shards of Sevia available now!

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