Keeper of The Light by Leanne Lovegrove. Book blast by Duffythewriter

I’ve always been a fan of Leanne Lovegrove‘s books. She always portrays her female leads as strong women whether in a contemporary setting or like her new book Keeper Of The Light in times past where women had to fight that bit harder to get what they wanted in life.


In 1952, Luca Moretti flees war-ravaged Italy and shipwrecks against the shores of Bruny Island, Tasmania. Esther Anderson is the lighthouse keeper’s daughter. Her life is simple growing up on the isolated island community, and then an exotic visitor opens up the outside world to her and ignites her passion for life, and for Luca. Abruptly, her dreams of love are quashed, and when tragedy strikes, she’s forced to forge a new life in Hobart. Survival becomes the focus of her life until she and Luca reunite. Their love is more precious now, and together they find the strength to forge a new life.

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