The little book of moon magic. Two full moons in October. Book Review duffythewriter

With two full moons in October, The Little Book Of Moon Magic shares the fascinating history of the moon and the myths, religions and power that so many have believed in throughout history and how you can connect with its magic.

Whether you seek emotional healing, spiritual growth or better relating, THE LITTLE BOOK OF MOON MAGIC will give you all the tools to channel the moon’s energy whenever you need it.

Connect with the magic and mystique of the moon’s power

THE LITTLE BOOK OF MOON MAGIC will show you how to maximise potent lunar energy at the most auspicious times and make your life what you truly want it to be. From wishing on the new moon and manifesting success. To knowing when to attract new romance, this guide reveals how to go with the flow of the moon to bring you the happiness you seek. 

This book also reveals how to track and utilise astrological lunar cycles throughout the year for self-improvement, work with moon goddess rituals for positive empowerment, as well as discover how your moon-sign determines your moods, comfort zones, emotional needs, and so much more. 

This is a book for all those wishing to deepen their connection with nature and take their spiritual practice to a new level.

Duffy’s Thoughts On The Little Book Of Moon Magic

Let’s face it, 2020 has been a tit of a year. There has been a lot to adjust to, pressures of home, loss of jobs and income and general anxiety. Trump continues to be Trump. And just when countries think they are emerging from the COVID pandemic, they seem to be walloped with second waves.

With all this going on, most of us have had some moments of quiet reflection. What the hell am I doing with my job, life, partner? How important is it on the hamster wheel? Should I be making the jump to do something more meaningful? We are also taking care of ourselves more, and mental health is shaking its taboo image. Meditation, yoga and alternative therapies are now becoming mainstream as we all look for ways to cope.

The little book of moon magic. two full moons in October. Duffythewriter
Starry Starry Night by Van Gogh

The Little Book Of Moon Magic appealed to me for several reasons. One, I love the moon, and there is nothing better than seeing a stunning super moon in the sky. Two, I have someone very close to me that tends to go loco with the moon phases! Believe that or not, the power the moon has had billions of people since ancient times is astonishing and is visible today with common sayings such as ‘once in a blue moon.’

The moon has been used in stunning cinema scenes, some of the worlds most famous artworks, hit songs and poems. Since Greek mythology, the moon has harnessed our energy and artistic outlets.

Who should buy The Little eBook Of Moon Magic?

The Little Book Of Moon Magic is a charming small hardback book perfect for gifting. Within its pages, you’ll find an easy to understand glossary of moon terms (black moon, moonquakes and other names for the moon). You’ll also find interesting facts about the supposed change in human behaviour and menstruation cycles during full moons and the myths and legends throughout history.

The book also explains how to harness the power of the moon through mantras, moon signs, rituals and spells. Yeah, you may be thinking “WOAH! I’m not a moon witch!’. However, this book is, on the whole, a really interesting read.

Will I be making pentagrams out of crystals and chanting mantras? No. Unfortunately, that’s not for me. But will I think twice about the moon phase and reflect on how I’m thinking and feeling? Yes, I will. I may even get myself some tigers eye stones. I’ll put them on my desk to rub whenever I want to feel empowered.

A really lovely little book with facts, history and a lot of magic and wonder.

the little book of moon magic. two full moons in October. Book review by joann duff
Published by Hachette and available from Booktopia and all good book shops

Get yourself into some much needed and deserved self-care reads and feel relaxed, refreshed and back