Tales from the pirate's cove book review by duffythewriter

The crew of Inklings Press has set sail once more – this time bringing with them a treasure trove of stories.

Tales From The Pirate’s Cove is the ninth anthology from the press, with pirates the focus this time around. Not just regular pirates – but also space pirates, time pirates, cosmic horror pirates and more.
The anthology includes a dozen tales of derring-do, starting off with a time pirate investigating the unexpected theft of 1998 and ending with a space pirate – the last pirate – unearthing a legacy left to her alone.

Tales from the Pirates Cove book review by duffythewriter
Each of the Tales Of The Pirate’s Cove has a customised illustration.

There’s romance and treasure, diverse heroes and deadly villains, steampunk and adventure, shambling things that should not be and bold pirates ready to take the wiser path and runaway. There’s swordfights in the stars and stories emerging from Mexican and Jewish history.
Time travel, space travel, and good old barroom brawls.

New to the pages of Inklings this time around are authors Jennifer Lee Rossman, Kelly Lynn Colby, Bob Finegold, Allison Tebo and Pat Woods while returning authors include Tom Jolly, Claire Buss, Rob Edwards, Lawrence Harding, Leo McBride, Brent A Harris and Ricardo Victoria.
So join us, come aboard, as we set sail for adventure!

Tales From The Pirate’s Cove is available in both electronic and paperback formats on Amazon.

Visit mybook.to/piratecove to start your journey.

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