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Lawyer-sleuth Perveen Mistry returns in another fascinating Bombay mystery.’ Vivid and clever…love her to bits.’ Kerry Greenwood, bestselling author of the Miss Phryne Fisher series

‘Simply put, The Satapur Moonstone is a flawless gem. Historical mysteries don’t get any better than this.’ – New York Journal of Books

The delightfully clever Perveen Mistry, Bombay’s first female lawyer, returns in an adventure of treacherous intrigues and suspicious deaths.

India, 1922: It is rainy season in the lush, remote Sahyadri Mountains southeast of Bombay, where the kingdom of Satapur is tucked away. A curse has fallen upon Satapur’s royal family, whose maharaja and his teenage son are both dead. The kingdom is now ruled by an agent of the British Raj on behalf of Satapur’s two maharanis, the dowager queen and the maharaja’s widow.

The royal ladies are in dispute over the education of the young crown prince, and a lawyer’s council is required – but the maharanis live in purdah and do not speak to men. Just one woman can help them: Perveen Mistry. 

Perveen is determined to bring peace to the royal house, but when she arrives she finds that the Satapur palace is full of cold-blooded power plays and ancient vendettas. Too late, she realises she has walked into a trap. But whose? And how can she protect the royal children from the deadly curse on the palace?

Duffy’s thoughts on The Satapur Moonstone

I’ve found it really hard to pick up a book lately. You may have noticed that my book reviews have slowed up a bit, I’ve not quote got my reading mojo back. I feel a bit ‘meh’ most days and trying to focus on a book has been a real challenge for me. However, the brightly coloured cover of The Satapur Moonstone caught my eye in my staggering tower of books yet to be read.

The Satapur Moonstone is based on a feisty young woman called Perveen who is the first female lawyer in 1920’s Bombay. This is not a rag to riches story, Perveen lives a wonderful life, but the class system and protocols of the British Raj still have Perveen jostling for the position she deserves in life. She is also trying to shake the shackles of her own Indian heritage and customs which would frown upon a female choosing such a career. Perveen needs to balance these two worlds carefully so she can exist happily.

The Satapur moonstone book review
Duffy the writer
The Satapur Moonstone available at Booktopia and all good bookstores RRP 29.99

This is a book I didn’t know I needed. Sujata Massey writes with vibrancy and a well thought out and clever plot makes this read an intriguing one. There is suspense, mystery and strong female characters all written to a stunning backdrop of 1920’s Bombay and the time of the British Raj and Indian royalty.

The perfect read if you are one of the few lucky to be able to take a holiday, or you are on a staycation and want to escape this world for just a little while. Really enjoyed this vibrant, warm and colourful read!

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