unleashed the game changers

If like me, there have been times it’s been difficult to focus on a book, an inspirational podcast could be the change you need to reset and refocus!

UNLEASHED: THE GAME CHANGERS is an inspiring and empowering YouTube Talk Show and Podcast hosted by Women’s Rights Activist, Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker & Host Paola Diana

Unleashed: The Game Changers introduces 20 inspirational champions of change, successful women and men who have faced huge personal and professional challenges and who have all dramatically changed their lives for the better. 

The first series of Unleased: The Game Changers includes conversations with Claudia Doval the Jiu-jitsu black belt World Champion speaks openly for the first time about her fight with Bulimia and her experiences of sexual abuse, with female airline pilot Captain Brenda Riepsaame Wassink  whose extraordinary sideways emergency landing saved the lives of her passengers,  with award-winning filmmakers and pioneering LGBTQ couple  Shamim Sarif and Hanan Kattan about diversity,  prejudice and religion, with  Melanie Seymour Global Head of Black Rock and  Vice President of the  Advisory Board of Women in Banking and Finance about glass ceilings and equality in the workplace, with TV chef & cookery author Ching-He Huang, about how financial setbacks paved the way to her success and with Neuroscientist  Sarah J. Caddick, about human behaviour and the behaviour of change and challenge. 

unleashed the game changers

In her signature, no filter, no hypocrisy style, Paola Diana speaks to leading scientists, entrepreneurs, doctors, authors, activists, athletes, philanthropists about game-changing career moves and personal changes that have transformed their own lives and the lives of others.  Subjects discussed range from mental health, relationships, discrimination, gender equality, and self-defence to business, sport, religion, neuroscience, and fake news. 

Unleashed: The Game Changers explores the lives of inspirational people who have been brave enough to change their lives more than once. The first season includes 20 episodes which feature interviews with inspirational people and leaders from the fields of Business, Sport, Science,  Politics, Law, Film, and the Arts.  Unleashed: The Game Changers shows that we should not be blinded by fear, instead we should embrace change and be brave enough to change our lives. Episodes  of Unleashed: The Game Changers have been  watched 200,000 times

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unleashed the game changers