Coming Out. A How To Guide.

Transformation & Healing guest post by Dr Lisa Cook

Here is a funny story…as a young child, I always imagined myself as a famous person.  I wanted to walk on the red carpet, but you may be surprised to know that I did not foresee myself as an actress, but I wanted to be a famous writer!  I chose my writer’s name as LC Daniels.  I don’t know why but I just loved how LC Daniels sounded…it was probably all those Judy Bloom books and the Nancy Drew series that inspired me.  However, my life took a different direction and writing went to the back burner.

Years later, I would start writing again and the question became, “What is my writing inspiration, considering I have not made it to the red carpet?”  I have always been a person prone to asking why…asking God Why? Asking life why? I find that this is a common question for most of humanity!  

Being a very introspective individual, my writing comes from a place of seeking to understand life to the fullest.  As well as my desire to support others with personal enlightenment, growth and healing.  My writing has been sparked from my pain in my life and from those middle of the night spiritual nuggets of truth that emerge in my mind based on what was happening in my life. In particular, my debut book, Coming Out! How to Reclaim Your Power and Live Authentic Truth to Create Life Impact, was sparked by my quest to honor and value my own voice and live a healthier life. 

In my current book, I recall the moment of excruciating pain in my life that hit me like a ton of bricks!  No to be more accurate, the pain was similar to the impact of a bulldozer knocking a 10-foot concrete building on top of me!

It is my belief that in life’s greatest moments of challenge, conflict, turmoil, pain, success, losses, joy and transition can be a catalyst for greater insight and growth.  If we are willing to listen and observe the messages from these experiences, we all can become profound writers! 

Finally, my writing is sparked by the experience of having my voice quieted or silence, thus shifting personal philosophy that each of us must honor and value our authentic voice, which may have been lost or misplaced through life’s traumas or circumstances, to become our truest and best selves! 

My writing is a demonstration of honoring and valuing my voice, which equates to not giving in to what others say I should be in this world. To the contrary, my writing is the recognition of my voice that cried out for me to be who God created me to be or live within the purpose of my creation. 

Honor, Value, and Life Impact are three important concepts for us to strive for in our daily lives. We all have value, we all have honor, and we all have life impact, but these areas can be stifled from unawareness of who we are authentically and our power to make measurable adjustment in our lives. Essentially, each of us have a chance to evolve, but it is solely within each individual’s prerogative to make that choice!  I write to offer the reader insight and/or information about their power and their chose. 

About Coming Out! How to Reclaim Your Power and Live Your Authentic Truth To Create Life Impact

Are YOU willing to take the risk to be true and authentic to yourself, what if YOU could live more authentically, would you fight for yourself? Could you give yourself a second chance? 

These thought-provoking questions are at the core of the compelling, and riveted personal account and how-to guide book, Coming Out, How to Reclaim Your Power and Live Your Authentic Truth to Create Life Impact. 
This how-to-guide introduces Dr Lisa Cook’s, The Four A’s Principle: Awareness, Acknowledgment, Acceptance & Action.

This book is the navigation map for a second chance at healthy relationships with yourself and others, and to discover how to live your authentic truth by walking through the steps in the coming out process. If you’re ready to address your past, your emotions, your power, your voice and your vision to have greater life impact, then this book is for you! 

Rest assured, Dr. Cook lays out a practical pathway forward, that will take toiling, however, our greatest victories come after our pain, losses and lessons. You are worth it!

Coming Out - A How to Guide