Prostate cancer strikes by Gogs Ganon. One of the best prostate cancer books of all time.

AT AGE 57, GOGS GAGNON became one of the millions of men diagnosed with prostate cancer during their lifetimes. After his surgery and recovery, he decided to share his story, Prostate Cancer Strikes, to inspire others to advocate for their health, learn from his experiences and what he would have done differently. His hope is this book will serve as a guide for those facing prostate cancer or are seeking to learn more about the disease.

The name of the book is Prostate Cancer Strikes: Navigating the Storm and is available online in both paperback and electronic formats, with an audio version coming soon. Or please visit your local bookstore or library to ask for a copy.

“A great book recommendation for your patients.” —

“Essential reading for medical and nursing students.” —

“One of the best Prostate Cancer books of all time.” — BookAuthority

To learn more about Gogs and the lessons he’s learned since diagnosis, please visit his website,, and read the reviews on Amazon,

Gogs is a semi-retired computer programmer and an elected member of the BC Support Group Council for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of BC. In addition to promoting prostate cancer awareness, Gogs devotes much of his time to writing. His next book is a coming-of-age memoir set in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia during the 1970s.

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prostate cancer strikes by Gogs Ganon.