To Catch a RAT is the first book in the Darknet series

If you like high-tech action and psychological suspense, with a smart hacker and a strong female lead at its core, then you should enjoy the Darknet series. The first book has just come out and is available on the Kindle Unlimited platform.

Grab your copy now for the price of a cup of coffee (that you can’t buy anyway because you are self-isolating!)

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Five fun facts about the Darknet series

  1. The first book was inspired by a post on our local Neighbourly forum, from a woman who said she was being harassed and thought her house was bugged. I never found out what happened to her…
  2. Each of the titles in the series has a cyber meaning too, and I had great fun designing a set of free bookmarks for newsletter subscribers. Each bookmark has the alternate meaning on it.
  3. I usually write romance under the penname Sofia Grey, but I wanted a new audience for this series, hence the new pen name.
  4. The series is (mainly) set in New Zealand. I’ve included a little Kiwi-English primer on my website
  5. The second book comes out at the end of April, but newsletter subscribers get an exclusive FREE novella (Active Peers) that picks up the story at the end of book 1.

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To Catch a RAT (Darknet #1)

Emma’s best friend Joss had a wild story to tell. She’d been hacked. She was being watched. She was in danger. No one believed her. Not even Emma.

Now she’s dead. The police write it off as accidental death, but Emma’s not so sure.

The more she learns, the deeper she’s drawn into a web of deceit and dark motives. Turns out Joss’s brother developed a revolutionary dark web application, one that people will kill to get their hands on. He’s now in jail on a dodgy manslaughter charge. And then there’s Emma’s boyfriend, who she discovers is lying about his identity.

Now Emma’s the one in danger, and she’s not sure who will believe her or who she can trust. Joss’s murder was only the start.

Author of the Darknet series SJ Gray

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