Worried about self-isolation? Some good books to keep you occupied whilst staying at home and socially distancing.

As we are all told to socially distance ourselves and self-isolate, we start to get worried about impending self-isolation start to think “What am I supposed to do to fill my days at home?”. Introverts may want to escape the constant bombardment of coronavirus news and extroverts are already climbing the walls and feeling a touch of cabin fever. Here, I’ve listed some great authors for you to support and some interesting reads you can get your hands on for less than the cost of a cup of coffee (that you can’t buy anyway as you can’t go out!).

Let’s face it, the real world sucks right now! The world has dealt with devastating bush fires, earthquakes, market crashes, job losses and now a global pandemic. For the good of your soul, grab a stack of good books and escape to another world for a little bit.

Not all authors earn millions of dollars such as Stephen King, Matthew Reilly or J K Rowling, most have other jobs to pay the rent which might be lost due to the coronavirus pandemic. I’ve listed below some of my favourite and independent and Australian authors who will fill your time if you are worried about self-isolation for an extended time but also need your support to continue to deliver some great books at great prices.

Want to escape to a small country town?

Jenn J Mcleod is the queen of a small town country story, but don’t be fooled, she also likes to drop an epic plot-twist when you least expect it! Grab one of Jenn’s books to escape to a small country town where social distancing isn’t a problem and community spirit ultimately reigns, whatever tragedies and troubles are thrown at the characters.

After some fiction that will make you think?

Thomas Duffy has written a plethora of books and Social Work is his latest release. Duffy likes to spark conversation with his readers and touch upon social issues such as loneliness, addiction and mental health. The Separation, another of Duffy’s books is set in the not too distant future if dare to look ahead! Be prepared to resonate with his characters.

Looking for a series to get into?

Rachael Richey’s Nighthawk series will grip you from the first page and give you everyday characters to relate to and root for. It’ll also let your mind wander and imagine what it would be like to be married to a famous rockstar. It’s not always as glamorous as you think and danger could lurk where you least expect it.

Love an edge of your seat psychological thriller?

The Ninth Session is one heck of a psychological thriller. I loved it from the first page to the last. Deborah Serani brings a unique mix of psychotherapy, sign language and coda culture to the Ninth Session. Just when you think you have it figured out, you’ll second guess yourself!

Want a read with strong smart female characters?

Leanne Lovegrove focuses on a small family story and creates a big bang in the drama department. What I love about Lovegrove’s books is that there is always a smart, strong female character at the centre. If you like contemporary romance with a twist, these are the books for you!

Self-isolation is a time to introduce a little self-care

If traditional self-care and mainstream books aren’t working for you then you might want to give Instant Wisdom a go. Beth Burgess gives a no-frills, kick up the bum guide to getting over your anxieties and self-doubts and into a better, clearer headspace. I also appreciate how candid Beth is with regard to her own demons. A great read if you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the craziness 2020 has brought so far.

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