Feasible Living. Dealing with Ecological Anxiety

No matter which way we turn today, we see, hear, or read about trends like pollution, climate change, and the 4th Industrial Revolution that are impacting the ecosystem that you and I live in. Feasible Living addresses ecological anxiety and offers practical ways to turn the tide.

These trends are influencing all of us and if you are not concerned about the impact they will have on the current and future well-being of you and your loved ones, you should be. This concern is called ecological anxiety and it is up to you to decide how it should be managed and what actions you will take to adapt and prepare.

As you can imagine, the topic of ecological anxiety is vast. This book is an introduction, starting by outlining the major trends to be concerned about, and then covering practical suggestions for you to protect your financial situation along with your physical and mental health.

Ecological anxiety is not just limited to adults. Our youth can also experience it, perhaps even to a greater extent than adults. This book contains discussions focused on this, why it can be different to adult ecological anxiety, and ways we can mentor them through this scary period of their lives. The seemingly perfect storm of globe altering trends is already impacting us. It is time to take control and many steps in this direction are easier than you may think.

Who is author Ken Kroes?

Ken Says:

“I’ve been researching, writing, and blogging on ecological topics for about 10 years now (yikes, time does fly by). I have travelled extensively and have seen first hand how the trends are impacting both the planet and society. Through my writing, I am hoping to bring awareness along with actionable things that people can do every day.”

Duffy’s thoughts on Feasible Living

Wow. This book is jam-packed with data, statistics and, to start with, a whole lot of bad news! I have to admit I found it a little hard to digest, as I have absolutely been dealing with ecological anxiety myself.

Being a Sydneysider, 2020 has been an awful year so far for the beautiful country in which I live. We have had days of thick, dystopian looking smoke, devastating bushfires and losses of both human and animal life. Whole towns have been destroyed and fires so severe that the smoke caused it’s own storm cells. A pretty scary and tragic time that will take a long while to rebuild, repair and overcome.

It seems that whenever you turn on the TV another global crisis is happening, Greta Thunberg is looking distressed as she makes yet another statement on TV and world leaders seem blind to the climate changing around us. All this leads to overwhelming feelings of anxiety and despair. However, Feasible Living gives you measurable, tangible ways to do your bit for the earth and to cope with any feelings of ecological anxiety.

Feasible Living explains what’s going on in our world, but without fearmongering, patronising or alarmist views and also gives practical tips to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, leaving you with a ray of hope and feelings of positivity and motivation.

If you are interested in the topics of climate change and looking for ways to live more sustainably, then Feasible Living is certainly for you.

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