Lost In Wonder. A book of poems and affirmations to awaken the soul.

Readers of Duffythewriter will know that last year I drifted away from my core reading genre of dark plot twisty thrillers and focused on some fantastic non-fiction and self-care books. I’ve carried this on in 2020 and have been approached by a couple of authors of independently published books which have stood out from the norm. Lost In Wonder is one of them.

Lost In Wonder is a book you should have on your Kindle, or on your smartphone to dip into and read one or two affirmations and poems every morning, before meditation, before bed, or when the world is getting a bit too loud and you need to calm your mind.

Author and poet Matt Buonocore shares how writing poetry is good for the soul

I’m a poet and a writer from Central New York. My work consists of affirmations, quotes and poems of the divine nature. My work tells my story, it conveys each step I’ve taken in my journey towards personal freedom. My books are dedicated to my lovely girlfriend Alaina, who helped me see my worth and grasp the meaning of unconditional love. Growing up I always felt the call to do something beyond the “norm”; to follow my heart regardless of what others told me. Beneath everything, I find myself called to put out my message and my “heart-song”. It’s very easy to forget that life is completely subject to each individual choice made, and these writings helped me to grasp the potential of trusting my true self.

Tender Touch 

Have compassion for everything that you’re feeling,

it takes a tender touch to relieve you of your suffering.


Can you see me God,

can you hear my cries?

Did you leave me God,

am I wasting all your time?

Can you free me God,

can I be free of all the lies?

I am free, thank god,

I am free of all the lies.

I know you see me God,

and you’ve heard me every time. 

You never left me God,

I just forgot you were inside.

Queen of Hearts 

I feel you so deeply 

You exist in my beating heart

In my darkest parts 

For you I will fall apart 

Press restart 

And express you through my art

You are my queen of hearts 

Always perfect as you are


Hey, you’re very honest,

and I admire that about you. 

It takes a lot to hold the pain,

and twice as much 

to express through you. 

I know you want for something more,

while life just seems to continue. 

The key is in the room you’re in,

it has always been inside you.

Believe in Love

I believe in love,

above all else,

believe in love. 

You can take nothing else with you,

as nothing can be held.

Do what you love,

and use love as a compass.

Let love guide you,

and let it inside you. 

But most importantly,

let it define you.

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