I Wanted Fries With That is a funny, practical guide to getting what you want and standing up for yourself. By Amy Fish, book review and Q&A

I Wanted Fries With That by Amy Fish

“Amy Fish is laugh-out-loud funny, and her words carry an important message: we need to stand up not only for ourselves but for everyone in line behind us. I found myself nodding feverishly in agreement. I wish I had read this twenty years earlier so I could have imparted more of this information to my children. It is so sensible.”

Nancy Speilberg, producer, Playmount Productions

I was about to close the door on books to review for 2019 when I Wanted Fries With That slipped in and intrigued me enough to add onto my read pile and heavily groaning coffee table.

One, I LOVED the vintage typeface on the cover and two, there was a great blurb from Nancy Spielberg, enough of an endorsement for me!

I Wanted Fries With That is a very funny, very practical and ever so relatable guide to speaking up to get what you want without being a total jerk.

What I loved about the book is the wide range of examples and situations. This isn’t about winning in the boardroom, yes there are workplace examples, but there are also lots of every day life situations where speaking up can get you a better, deal, meal, or job!

I urge anyone who is sick of getting the worst seats at the theatre, passed over for promotion, or left sitting next to Kevin in accounts who has a rather pungent body odour grab a copy of I Wanted Fries With That!

Check out my Q&A with author Amy Fish below!

Amy, you seem to have a VERY fulfilling life which includes a family and a career you clearly adore. How did you find the time to write I Wanted Fries With That?

I write on weekend mornings when my family is sleeping, which when you have teenagers – this gives you a pretty good block of time. Also, I sometimes take off for a day or two and immerse myself in my writing project. My husband and kids are incredibly supportive even though they have to do their own laundry (and mine!)I love the tongue in cheek style and the laughs within the pages, it certainly kept me engaged.

How did you keep the balance of humour, particularly with some of the more sensitive examples?

I don’t know how to do it any other way. That’s why I was not allowed to give the eulogy at my mother’s funeral (May she Rest In Peace). My sister did a fantastic job, I have to add.

Has there ever been a complaint or time to speak up that you still wrestle with today? (Apart from the fries which sparked your journey?

Yes of course. Sometimes I let something go and I wonder if I should have been tougher in negotiating. Or I may point something out that I think could easily have been left unsaid.

Author of I Wanted Fries With That - Amy Fish
Author of I Wanted Fries With That – Amy Fish

Are there ever times dealing with complaints drains your soul and erodes your mojo? How do you reset your thinking in those times?

What drains me and erodes my mojo is the unspoken complaints, the ones where people experience dissatisfaction and say NOTHING. That’s what keeps me up at night. If people are going to speak up and ask for help, I have all the patience in the world. 

What’s next for Amy Fish?

I am excited and grateful for my book tour, and all the amazing publicity we’ve been getting. I’m working on a few new projects but it’s too early to discuss details. 

I Wanted Fries With That interview with author Amy Fish

Book Blurb For I Wanted Fries With That

At some point in our lives, we’ve all experienced injustice, large or small — a restaurant botching our lunch order or a boss who isn’t following the guidelines for workplace etiquette — and suffered in silence for fear of offending anyone. When we fail to speak up, however, we shortchange ourselves.

Amy Fish encourages standing up for yourself (and others) by complaining effectively. Her suggestions will appeal to anyone who wants to speak up and isn’t sure where to start, including managers navigating workplace disputes, couples who argue about the same things over and over, and even someone with a friend with bad breath. Illustrating her points with funny real-life stories, Fish reveals pragmatic methods to redress grievances with civility, honesty, and fairness for everyone involved — whether you’re trying to right the wrongs of the world or just claim the french fries you ordered.

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