‘Who knew other people loved rules as much as I do? I’m so excited, this feels like it could be more than a book, it could be a movement, a way of life even!’ – Kitty Flanagan

Kitty Flanagan is all about giving the people what they want, and it’s become increasingly apparent that people want 488 Rules for Life. Ever since she appeared on the ABC’s The Weekly with her segment about this ‘pretend’ book, she’s been stopped in the street, approached in the supermarket, the cafe, even the dog park by people wanting to know where they could get a copy.

Kitty says:
‘Who knew other people loved rules as much as I do? I’m so excited, this feels like it could be more than a book, it could be a movement, a way of life even! With any luck, we may well see someone from the 488 Rules Party standing at the next election. However, let’s be clear about one thing, it won’t be me:

Rule no. 242 – Comedians should not be Prime Minister. Nor should Shannon Noll. Or any other actor or celebrity who just so happens to say something with which you agree.

488 Rules is a book for anyone who believes good manners and common sense are the way forward. It’s time to make the world idiot-free and lovely.’

Duffy’s Thoughts On 488 Rules For Life

I loved Kitty’s last book and eagerly anticipated the release of 488 Rules for Life. Kitty and I are really quite aligned when it comes to acceptable behaviour, particularly when you’re cohabiting with your significant other, such as ‘Do not be the person who sits a new full toilet roll on top of the empty one.’

A couple of my favourite rules:

Rule 78 – Avoid using adjectives such as delicious or yummy in non-food contexts.

Rule 111 – Only people in the aisle seats may stand up before the door is opened on a plane

Rule 283 – The handful of popcorn must be smaller than your mouth

I loved the sealed sections which house more detailed rules that may not be relevant for everyone such as kids, flying and randomly, fruit. It’s in these sections where Kitty takes her 488 rules for life down a rabbit hole of quite particular rules for very specific situations.

488 Rules For Life is a very funny read and although you may not agree with all 488 Rules, I’m pretty certain that most will resonate with you. Our only hope is that some of these rules for life become more commonplace, leaving us with daily lives full of peace and without those moments which have us slapping the steering wheel in anger or grimacing at the back of someones head as they bunch up and refuse to move along in the queue!

A brilliantly funny book, perfect for a stocking filler or Christmas book gift.

Kitty Flanagan will be taking her 488 Rules For Life on a tour!

  • Adelaide 5.10
  • Sydney 19.10
  • Brisbane 26.10
  • Melbourne 29.10
Kitty Flanagan 488 Rules for Life Book Review
Published by Allen & Unwin Oct 1
RRP $29.99

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