Dear Dad by Samuel Johnson. A collection of letters to fathers by some of Australia's most noted notables. Book review

If you could say anything to your Dad, what would it be?

From the team who gave you the bestselling DEAR SANTA comes an honest, moving, emotionally memorable collection of letters to their fathers from some of Australia’s most notable notables. The perfect gift for the dad in your life!

Steve Waugh, Trent Dalton, Samuel Johnson, Kathy Lette, John Williamson, Susie Youssef, Michala Banas, Glenn Shorrock, Matilda Brown, Joel Creasey, Shannon Noll, Michelle Law, Ben Gillies, Hilde Hinton, Normie Rowe, Mark Brandi, Brian Mannix, Julie Koh, Sara Storer, Russell Morris, Catherine Deveny, Sophie Green, Brooke Davis, Toni Tapp Coutts, Clare Wright, Danny Green, John Paul Young, Kurt Fearnley and many more …

A heartfelt, honest and very human book of letters that will make you smile and make you cry. It is the perfect gift for the dad in your life. And a reminder to say how you feel before it is too late.

Duffy’s Thoughts On Dear Dad

This is a darling little hardback book stuffed full of heartfelt letters to fathers. Each letter is carefully edited and with a touching foreword from Samuel Johnson OAM. Some are brief, more notes than letters, some are full of love, some are wishing their Dad would die already. All are honest, moving and memorable.

The contributors gave their most personal words for free and the proceeds from the purchase of Dear Dad go to fight the war on cancer. A book that gives more than just all the feels.

Dear Santa’s success enabled Dear Dad to become a reality

Dear Dad left me reflecting on my own relationship with my Dad and Grandad and left me feeling extremely lucky. Of all the men in all the world, I got two that loved and love me dearly to the moon and back. How empty it must feel to live a life without that love and support and how courageous and brave are the people who have crappy parents and choose to be better people for it and break the cycle. You are legends.

You can’t choose your family, but you can choose what kind of person they make you.

Buy Dear Dad for the Dad in your life for Fathers Day, or just to share a message of love.

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