Author interview with Leanne Lovegrove. Leanne talks about self publishing and writing strong smart female characters

Leanne Lovegrove talks self -publishing and writing strong, smart female characters

What was your inspiration for a bikie themed storyline?

I wanted my male hero lawyer to suffer a downfall related to his work. Bikie gangs have been quite prevalent in the news in Queensland over recent years resulting in the introduction of the anti-association laws and more particularly a focus on their representation by lawyers and I thought that would make for fantastic tension. That is how it all started. And along with a tough male character, I wanted a soft yet determined female character to match him.

Were you worried you might anger some real-life bikies by writing about the underbelly of bikie gangs?

I didn’t! Perhaps I should have? But the story is entirely fictional with a made-up gang, but I hope that I represented them faithfully.

Illegal Love is your second book, what did you learn from your debut novel Unexpected Delivery when it comes to getting your book published and out there?

I learned a lot about the writing and publishing process. Illegal Love was a much harder novel to write and it underwent many rewrites and edits. I also learned a lot about the traditional publishing process even though I chose to self-publish. Self-publishing was much easier this time around because I knew what to expect, what needed to happen and the steps. I had such fabulous help and have created a fantastic group of people around me to assist with covers and editing and all publishing related questions. Without all of that support, it would be so much harder. It’s wonderful to have a book out in the world after all of the work that goes into it.

You write real and relatable characters which stand strong in books and have independent, smart women. Is this a conscious decision when it comes to character creation?

Thank you! Yes, that is a very conscious decision. I like strong, smart women who face adversity head on and those are the female characters I want to create. 

Is there a third book in you?

Yes, I have written a third book that is currently being edited. I like challenging myself and whilst still a romance it is set in the early 1950’s on Bruny Island, Tasmania. It is the story of Esther Anderson and I can’t wait for everyone to meet her.

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