Illegal Love by Leanne Lovegrove. can Loe be found when a bikie gang is lurking in the shadows?

Will Kate risk everything for Nick? Does she even really know him?

Kate and Nick should never have fallen in love.

Three years ago, Kate Penrose lost her husband in a tragic accident on their honeymoon. Now, she’s trying to piece her life back together, focus on her career as a teacher and avoid any future heartbreak.

Nick Harding is a successful criminal defence lawyer. He was invincible, that is, until he can’t acquit the leader of the Warlocks motorcycle gang on violent offences. The gang aren’t happy. Nick is no longer bulletproof as the Warlocks seek revenge. Above all else, Nick must keep his thirteen-year-old daughter safe.

As Kate and Nick fall for each other, the gang’s escalating threats place their lives in danger.

Kate has to decide if loving Nick is worth the risk.

Duffy’s Thoughts On Illegal Love

If you follow Duffythewriter you’ll know that I don’t read romance very much at all. I tend to choose suspense, thrillers, non-fiction and self-improvement books, but when it comes to Leanne Lovegrove I can’t help but read!

Leanne’s debut novel Unexpected Delivery was a joy to read, so when Leanne asked if I would read her second book Illegal Love, I jumped at the chance, moving it up the list on my TBR pile.

Unexpected Delivery by Leanne Lovegrove. Contemporary Romance.
Leanne Lovegrove’s debut romance – Unexpected Delivery

Kate Penrose is a teacher who falls for single dad Nick who is a lawyer servicing the criminal underbelly of Brisbane. As you read, you kinda know where the story is heading, but there is this veil of suspense seeped into each page as you anticipate what’s lurking in the shadows of their blossoming love.

Nick Harding is one of the top male characters I’ve read recently. Leanne writes her characters in such a detailed way you really get a sense of them and Nick certainly raised my heart rate! I couldn’t stand Brittany Bartholomew, and she irritated me from the outset which is also a reflection of how well Leanne character builds.

I love the way Leanne uses current social topics and situations to weave into her romance books giving a contemporary modern narrative. Bikie gangs are never far from Australian headlines and I felt as the reader it sparked more interest and something I could relate to more than some sweeping romance on a homestead in the 1900’s. The gritty underbelly of Brisbane is far more exciting!

If you enjoy contemporary romance Illegal Love is for you! I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Look out for an author interview with Leanne Lovegrove coming soon!

Illegal Love by Leanne Lovegrove. Contemporary Romance with the backdrop of bikie gangs.
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