Split.An engrossing anthology of personal essays curated and edited by award-winning author Lee Kofman, some of Australia’s most beloved and talented writers reveal deeply personal stories of loss, leaving and new beginnings.

Several prominent authors write for the first time about some of their most uncomfortable, painful and devastating life experiences. Graeme Simision, author of The Rosie Project shares how he discarded his past as a possibly autistic little boy, while comedian Sami Shah writes about his very public split from Islam which has left permanent scars. These writers along with sixteen others share their stories and reflect on the cost a new beginning brings.

Duffy’s Thoughts On Split

Split brings together writers such as Fiona Wright, Graeme Simsion, Sami Shah and Kate Holden to share their experiences of loss, leaving and new beginnings. Some of these stories are so raw, detailed and devastating that it can make for difficult reading, but the writing is so eloquent and the stories so resonating, you can’t stop turning the pages.

The collection of essays are not all about loss when it comes to love. Yes, divorce is discussed along with the wounds of a relationship break up or the sordid details of a cheating partner commonplace, however, loss can be borne of many things. Abusive fathers, a religion who turns it back on you, a memory or social disability shaken off as a child and leaving a company after years of pouring your heart and soul into it.

Split. A collection of essays on loss, leaving and new beginnings by Australian most talented writers.
Split. A 5 Star read. Click the image to grab your copy

If you enjoy reading and admire the talent of writers, Split is a special body of work which should be on your bookshelf or nightstand. Be prepared though, to sit for a while and reflect on your own experiences of heartbreak and loss.

Split is a cathartic, clever, deeply personal book and a great opportunity to read some of the best Australian writers we have today.

Published June 1 by Ventura Press