The Curious Dreamers Dream Essentials. How to interpret your dreams. By Nancy Wagaman

Do you dream? Do you remember them? Are they joyous or terrifying? What is your brain trying to tell you while you sleep?

Dreams are strange things to me. Sometimes they are happy, most of the time they are bizarre and confusing and on rare occasions, the fear and panic are so intense I fear I may never wake and escape it.

Nancy Wagaman is a qualified psychologist and has been an expert in dream interpretation since the ’80s, so there isn’t a lot she doesn’t know about interpreting dreams and ridding yourself of the bad ones.

Dream Essentials is exactly that. A beginners guide to understanding your dreams and how they can assist you in your waking state using Nancy’s essential dream interpretation tools. You’ll learn how to navigate your dreams and pick the symbols or events to explore further. For example; dreaming of a cat may symbolise one thing to a person, but to another, they may just really love cats! Not all symbols and events are literal, in fact, most are to be assessed in context with many other factors such as your home life, type of work you’re in and what stress levels you are under.

If you’re experiencing vivid, reoccurring, or difficult dreams, The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Essentials is an excellent starting point to explore what happens to your mind while you sleep.

Dream Essentials is a quick, informative read and a great lead into The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary which offers 1500 symbols to start you on your way to dream interpretation Nirvana!

The Curious Dreamer's Dream Essentials. Interpret your dreams. Dream handbook