I picked up a copy of Pie – A Global History in a strange place. The London Dungeon. Why was it there? Well, I’m guessing it was because of the dark tale of Sweeney Todd and his ride or die chick, Mrs Lovett, who slaughtered people in Todd’s barber shop and ended up in Mrs Lovett’s tasty pies on Fleet Street.

However, the title intrigued me and being a book blogger with a TBR pile as tall as myself, it takes a lot for me to purchase a book for myself and my own enjoyment. This quirky little hardback book tells the history of one of Britain and Australia’s favourite food item, the humble pie.

Duffy’s Thoughts On Pie – A Global History

We eat humble pie. There are songs about four and twenty blackbirds being baked in one. The Aussies took a meat pie and created a national dish, the pie floater. The Brits embrace a Melton Mowbray pork pie. Clowns throw custard pies at each other and millenials on Love Island use the phrase ‘being pied’. Queen Victoria enjoyed some weird and wonderful taste combinations and there have been quotes about pies written in many books including Dickens.

Pie is important.

I won’t share all the snippets of interesting information I discovered in Pie A Global History. But, there were lots to keep me occupied and the illustrations are really quite something (Mermaid pie anyone?)

This is a perfect gift for any foodie, infact, I bought an extra copy for a friend who loves food and cooking. It will look cute on any kitchen shelf or coffee table and will be sure to spark some conversation.

The one question I didn’t get answered was… Is a sausage roll a pie?

Grab a copy of this delightful little hardback book Pie – A Global History for the foodie in your life!

Pie A Global History Book Review
Pie A Global History. Everything you never knew you needed to know about Pie!