The Deep by Alex Rogers a book review

From one of the world’s pre-eminent marine biologists – and a scientific consultant on the BBC’s Blue Planet series – comes a dazzling account of the wonders that lie beneath the ocean’s surface, and an empowering vision of how we can protect them.

Alex Rogers delivers a detailed account of his wildly interesting career and unwavering passion for what lies beneath in The Deep. The pages are filled with anecdotes of deep-sea exploration 5,000 metres down and detailed descriptions of the weird and wonderful sea creatures which inhabit a world we still know little about.

Rogers can spend one day being an advisor to the BBC, consulting on The Blue Planet. Another is spent as a university professor, running a large research team. Aside from the varied and interesting career Rogers has, the common thread of the book is bound strongly by the urgent need to recognise and conserve our precious seas, the giver of life and energy.

“As the ROV passed over the coral, squat pink lobsters disappeared into holes. Close examination with the ROV cameras revealed pairs of eyes reflecting back the lights from inky black holes. It was like flying over a city and watching the residents flee to hide from alien invasion.” – The Deep

Duffy’s Thoughts On The Deep

The Deep is not an eco-warrior piece. It’s not aimed at berating and condescending to those who live, work and rely on the oceans either. Rogers is an intelligent scientist with a career that adds weight to the conservation call. Rogers arguments are based, not on the heart or personal opinion, but on science and expert research. Arguments are balanced and suggested targets and changes are realistic. You can’t help but take notice of Rogers words when presented in such a comprehensive and common sense way.

The Deep is a must-read for anyone interested in the natural world and marine biology. It’s a book full of science, wonder, creatures of the deep and an awe-inspiring career.

The Deep by Alex Rogers published by Hachette