confessions of a misfit entrepreneur - Kate Toon

I’ve read lots of business books in my time. As a freelancer interested in devloping my business and growing my blog and also duty bound on occasion as a book reviewer. But, I haven’t read one which is quite like Confessions Of A Misfit Entrepeneur.

Why? Well, because author Kate Toon doesn’t profess to have made millions with a simple 6 step plan and a $10,000 online course or conference. She doesn’t fit the mould and challenges entrepreneurial tried and tired statements about success and profit, and more improtantly, she doesn’t pretend to be anything different than who she is. I could even say that Kate Toon is “her authentic self”, but that would make me gag and Kate would immediately cancel my Clever Copywriting School membership!

Who should read Confessions Of A Misfit Entrepreneur?

Confessions Of a Misfit Entrepreneur is a must-read for anyone who’s looking to start up their own business, grow their online presence or take the leap from employee to entrepreneur. Kate shares her story from marketing guru working all hours, sometimes for right d*ckheads to her trials and tribulations to become a successful entrepreneur running multiple businesses.

It’s an honest read and Kate certainly has strong opinions which go against popular opinion, but it comes from a place of honesty and good, not soulless profit making. Kate wants everyone to succeed. Rather than crushing her fellow copywriters, she built a successful Copywriting School and community. Rather than charge thousands for templates and tips, she shares them for free and offers advice on social media and still turns a healthy profit. Kate Toon proves you can be a success and thought leader in your chosen industry, without being a selfish noob.

Kate’s Confessions Of A Misfit Entrepreneur shows that it’s f*cking hard to take the leap to entrepreneur and even harder to make a buck out of it. But, with street smarts, no sleep, and perseverance, she got there and genuinely wants you to get there too.

Available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback.

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