I miss you when I blink book review

Miss You When I Blink is a selection of essays from author Mary Laura Philpott. A woman who has achieved so much; A writer for the New York Times and Washington Post, founding editor of Musing and co-host of A Word on Words. Philpott lives a lovely life in Nashville, and has worked hard to do everything right. Eat right, educate herself, get A grades, get into the right college, and choose the right husband. So, when all of these life achievements were ticked, why did Mary Laura Philpott feel so anxious and lost instead of happy and content?

The book jacket describes I Miss You When I Blink as a pep talk from a sister and I’m inclined to agree. Mary Laura’s conversational style and the essay format is like meeting a best friend or a sibling for a coffee or a wine. Often upbeat, sometimes a little sad and always very relatable, delivering some tough love when you need it.

Duffy’s thoughts on I Miss You When I Blink

I Miss You When I Blink definitely has a focus on motherhood and the frustrations, loneliness and anxiousness which comes with being a mother and losing that sense of self. However, being childless I could still relate to Philpott’s mixed feelings, particularly those of feeling guilty for having sad days. I have a good life, a VERY good life and to others, I should be living the dream, and I am most of the time. But, there are days I feel disconnected, lost, adrift, and not at all where I want to be in life. I can have anxious days, lonely days and days where all of my confidence decides to hide under the bed. They are few and far between, but they do occur and I do feel guilty for having them when I should be so happy and content.

Mary Laura Philpott has delivered a book which is all about her and her life, however, it brings up so many questions and engages the reader to think about their own lives. Are we where we should be? Should we be more grateful and happy? Is it ok to feel a little lost, even if you are a Supermum or Wonderwoman?

If you’ve enjoyed Sarah Knight, then you’ll enjoy this less sweary, relatable self-care book. Miss You When I Blink tells you that multiple thing can be true of us at once and that sometimes doing things wrong is the way to do life right.

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