Kill redacted by Anthony Good. A new type of psychological thriller

Is murder ever morally right? And is a murderer necessarily bad? These two questions waltz through the maddening mind of Michael, the brilliant, terrifying, fiendishly smart creation at the centre of this winking dark gem of a literary thriller.

When a grieving man searches for culpability in the death of his wife, a passenger on trains blown up by terrorists, he settles on a politician. The bombers, to his mind, were only the end point in a long chain of proximate causes – to blame them would be like blaming the trigger mechanisms on the bombs. The ultimate cause, he believes, the person responsible for first setting events into motion, is the politician whose policies and practices have had profound and violent impact abroad. And so it is only right, surely, that that politician is punished. So he sets out – and sets about committing – his moral justification for murder…

Duffy’s Thoughts on Kill [Redacted]

I’ve read so many thrillers and it amazes me how writers can keep plots devilishly twisted and characters sharp, dark and unhinged. Kill [Redacted] a debut novel from Anthony Good is a real smack in the face. In a good way.

The layout is very original and presented as various letters, correspondences and therapy sessions of Michael. Michael lost the love of his life when a terrorist blew up a train, killing many and maiming more. This seemingly normal, if a little quirky Headmaster of a London school seeks out therapy and in equal measure revenge. However, revenge is not doled out to the terrorist who killed his wife, but for a politician who Michael feels spouted the hate that triggered the attack.

The character of Michael is a very complex one and slowly, with each revelation, the reader gets to see just how shaky his mental stability is under the buttoned-up surface of a forthright headmaster. If you enjoyed Consent, YOU and American Psycho, you’ll enjoy getting under the skin and into the mind of Michael as he tries to focus and openly justify his growing rage.

Kill [Redacted] takes some concentration as you flip between different documents, flashforwards and flashbacks. But, the jarring and confused nature at times adds to the depth and authenticity of the main character.

If you like your thrillers psychological, you’ll enjoy Kill [Redacted]. A superb debut and can’t wait to read what comes next from Anthony Good.

Kill [redacted] by Anthony good a new type of psychological thriller
Published by Allen and Unwin March 2019 $29.99