Duped by Abby Ellin explores compulsive liars and how they can deceive you
Duped by Abby Ellin explores how many intelligent, street smart people are duped by scammers, con men and compulsive liars

Reading the book blurb for Duped took my mind to Ja Rule’s recent tweet that went viral. The comedy, tragedy and sheer astonishment that so many intelligent, rich, A-List celebrities could be drawn into such a global scale scam such as the Fyre Festival is baffling. But, instead of feeling sorry for these guys, Ja Rule’s tweet now becomes a meme and the whole thing is a bit of an internet joke.

Duped is a refreshingly honest and open account from author and New York Times journalist Abby Ellin of her own tale of deception by someone she fell in love in with. As you read the story of ‘The Commander’ as he is referred to in the book (Unfortunately, I couldn’t help but think of The Handmaid’s Tale every time I saw that name on the page), you will gasp at the red flags which Abby should have seen, and did see to a certain extent. There were stories of international espionage and secret missions relating to Osama Bin Laden and the Pentagon an ex-wife, some kids and an unusual bromance with Seth McFarlane.

These may sound ridiculous, but ‘The Commander’ had many plausible reasons and excuses. So, what is that keeps an intelligent journalist, who seeks truth and facts for a living, hanging in there when the red flags are waving and your gut is telling you something is off? Are we all susceptible to being duped no matter what our social, educational or Mensa status?

Duffy’s thoughts on Duped

Abby Ellin not only dissects her own story but then goes on to explore others that have been duped and also those who have lived lives of constant secrets, stories, re-invention and deception. It’s a real eye-opener to just how prolific being duped seems to be; from fake internet profiles right up to faking your own death and re-inventing yourself anew. It’s also a thought provoking look at how we treat those who have been scammed and duped, and how psychologically some just don’t recover from the damage and hurt caused.

Duped is a vulnerable, self-deprecating, well researched and insightful read. If you’ve ever been Duped, you’ll want to pick up this book.

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New York Times journalist and author of Duped, Abby Ellin