A watched pot

Revenge is a dish best served hot!

Graham is trying his hardest to save his marriage. When his wife Cressida, invites two new friends over for dinner he offers to cook even though he has no experience with vegan food.

Something troubles Graham about the couple but he can’t quite put his finger on it. He takes a journey into Facebook to find a terrible truth which creates a sinister consequence.

Duffy’s Thoughts on A Watched Pot

Mr Blue is a snappy writer and that’s what you need for a successful short sharp thriller. It takes some writing talent to set the scene and develop characters in such a short space of time. Blue does this well and I was intrigued by browbeaten Graham and insufferable Cressida from the outset.

A Watched Pot is a fast, punchy thriller with a twist and a cautionary tale of what happens if you push someone to the edge.

Buy your copy for just a dollar over at Amazon and enjoy reading a short burst of clever, well-written suspense, or if you want to switch off for a short while, listen to the audio version.

A watched pot