Easy and practical ways to cut down the plastic in your life

Author Clara Williams is an environmental policy advisor, so she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to plastic pollution. Clara’s mother and co-author is a Walkley Award-winning journalist and knows how to write to get attention. It’s this pairing which makes Quitting Plastic a smart, positive read for anyone trying to reduce their household waste.

In this cute looking little book are ten plastic free hacks to reduce plastic which you may not even think you use every day. Yes, the takeaway coffee cup has taken the biggest hit with shows such as the ABC’s The War On Waste and the welcome trend of KeepCup and similar reusable coffee and water bottles. But, for example, did you know it was better for the environment to switch your shower gel for soap?

What I like about this book is that it makes you feel good about taking steps, however small in your daily life to reduce the plastic in your life. It isn’t preachy and won’t shame you for not fitting all your waste into one jam jar each week. What Quitting Plastic does do it help you navigate your local grocery store so you take more food home and less plastic. It also shines a light on Australian companies and groups who can help you with plastic reduction and shares inspirational stories from environmental gamem changers.

Who Should Read Quitting Plastic?

The mother-daughter writers of Quitting Plastic share their knowledge, and honest experiences. For example; completely switching to natural products in your hair may not work for everyone, you may end up with greasy locks and requires a lot of commitment. What I particularly liked is that each tip comes with easy, medium, hard, and ‘it’s personal’ symbols so you can ease into plastic reduction without overwhelming yourself and giving up.

Quitting Plastic is a handy sized book which will live on your desk, your coffee table or in the kitchen, helping you on your way to plastic-free living with easy tips and positive vibes.

Quitting Plastic is published on Feb 4 by Allen & Unwin RRP $19.99 click the below book cover to grab your copy!

Quitting Plastic. Ten easy hacks to reducing plastic in your home
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