best books for christmas

We are hurtling towards Christmas and if you’re like me, you wouldn’t have even thought about the big day! So, I’m here to help you choose some funny, inspirational, and creative books for Christmas to wrap up under the Christmas tree, give as a Secret Santa present or pop into a Christmas stocking!

Funny Books For Christmas

Trumpedia. For the partner who likes nothing more than to rant at the TV screen every time the orange-faced, intricately coiffeured leader of the free world appears on screen.  Written by Dom Knight, one of the founders of The Chaser, Trumpedia is chock full of all Trumps worst guffaws, quotes, decisions and of course everyone’s favourite Covfefe! For the satirist in your life.

RRP $29.99 Published by Allen & Unwin

Trumpedia by Dom Knight

Adam Hills Best Foot Forward.  I think Adam Hills would like nothing more than to have his autobiography nestled between Trump and Putin. Watching The Last Leg Brings me great joy and so did reading this humble, honest and incredibly funny autobiography Best Food Forward . Hills is an Australian comedian who has been embraced by the Brits, and let’s face it when it comes to comedy, we are a tough audience. For the comedian in the family.

RRP $32.99 Published by Hachette

best foot forward by Adam hills

Vladimir Putin: Life Coach.  Yes, it IS a little disconcerting that two of the funniest books I’ve read this year are at the expense of two of the most powerful men in the world, but I guess we all need to seek comedy in tragedy if we are going to survive the dumpster fire which is 2018.  Rob Sears has collated a magnificent hardback book to help you be ‘more Vlad.’ Vladimir Putin: Life Coach will help you become the master of the backhanded compliment, power play your office cubicle colleagues and hold a power BBQ to send a message to a neighbour you hate. You may not become a world leader, but you’ll certainly have self-confidence pouring out of every pore. For the go-getter in your life.

RRP $24.99 Published by Allen & Unwin

Vladimir Putin: Life Coach

Inspirational Books For Christmas

What Would Boudicca Do? To move forward, sometimes it’s good to take a look back. This original book will help you break up with a love rat, beat imposter syndrome and smash that glass ceiling referencing the stories and lives of trailblazing women in history. How did Cleopatra deal with her lovers? How did Elizabeth I remain Queen in a time where men ruled and women lost their heads? The prose of What Would Boudicca Do? is witty will have you laughing, even if you are going through a break up with a complete dirtbag.  For women who don’t want to settle.

RRP $22.99 Published by Faber

what would Boudicca do book review

Unf*ck Yourself. Ok, this isn’t a very Christmas appropriate book title, but it really is one of my favourite self-help books. Gary John Bishop is a plain-talking Scot and if this book can’t get you moving in the right direction, I’m not sure which one will. Unf*ck Yourself isn’t a total Glasgow kiss to the face, there are moments of clarity and motivation, along with practical tools to start you off in 2019 with a positive bang. For someone who is ready to kick 2018 in the face.

RRP $24.99 Published by Hachette

unf*ck yourself

Patient 71. Julie Randall had no idea what was coming. A few days after her fiftieth birthday, she collapsed at work and was sent to the hospital, it was there she was told she had terminal cancer. Here is where we pick up the story of Julie, her family and her sheer determination to try everything she could to survive. Patient 71 is a very real and refreshing memoir of being a cancer survivor. This isn’t all about sentimentality, empathy and chemo sessions. It’s about strong women and the realities of the Australian health system. For someone who has a fight on their hands in 2019.

Published by Hachette RRP $24.99

Patient 71

Creative Book Gifts For Christmas

The Little Book Of Wonder. This little hardback book is perfectly sized as a stocking or secret Santa gift. It’s part creative guide and part workbook with little questions and tasks specifically designed to start seeing the little things. The Little Book Of Wonder will bring back lost curiosity, creativity and a little bit of wonder. Perfect for the person who needs some headspace to get creative. 

RRP $16.99 Published by Hachette

the little book of wonder

The Eye Of Faith. The History of Art, Religion and the Human Body. Renowned historian Mary Beard takes us on a journey starting with when humans became the subject of art and sculpture. This glossy, high colour hardback book demonstrates the power of religious sculptures and art and how ancient civilizations celebrated the human body. The wonders of the terracotta warriors, the vastness of the Roman empire and the creativity which provided such a strong identity to Egyptian culture are just some of the wonders to be found within the pages of The Eye Of FaithFor the artistic friend.

the eye of faith

The Art Of Creative Thinking. A scuba diving company faces bankruptcy because sharks have infested the area. Solution? Open the world’s first extreme diving school. The Art Of Creative Thinking is a stocking-sized book of creativity is a collection of examples of outstanding creativity in history and will inspire you to think differently. Even embrace the days when your train is cancelled! For the person in your life brimming with ideas.

RRP $19.99 by Hachette Publishing

the art of creative thinking

Remember to treat yourself to your own books for Christmas and snuggle up by the far or down at the beach, depending on the side of the globe you live!