Roxy's little black book of tips & tricks

The No-Bullsh*t Guide to All Things PR, Social Media, Business and Building Your Brand

Roxy’s Little Black Book Of Tips & Tricks

Roxy Jacenko has built her own very successful PR firm Sweaty Betty from scratch and is now taking up more column inches and garnering more followers on social media than some of her clients. A media personality in her own right and even her young daughter is a budding entrepreneur with Pixies Bows. The PR guru is no stranger to controversy either, with her husband doing a little jail time, a health scare and a kissing scandal all laid out in the press in recent years.

So, what makes Roxy the PR powerhouse that she is? It’s all underpinned with a strong work ethic and it’s in this book Roxy shares a little bit about what works and what doesn’t. This bright pink, little black book will stand out on the shelves and end up in the designer bags of many budding influencers and PR wannabes. The perfect PR move.

Duffy’s Thoughts On Roxy’s Little Black Book Of Tips & Tricks

I’m not a close follower of Roxy Jacenko and I only know what I read in the press, of which I have no doubt she has some control. But, as a freelancer, writer and someone with a past career in marketing I found this a motivational read.  You can pick up the book at bits you might be interested in such as social media, business and specific PR chapters and there are a few little snippets and things you should already know, but might need a positive reminder to keep going.

Love or hate Roxy Jacenko, you can’t deny she’s doing something right when it comes to PR and has mastered her personal brand.

This handbag sized book is not aimed at my demographic but would be a great little gift for the millennial PR assistant, marketer or the budding Instagram influencer in your life.

Roxy’s Little Black Book Of Tips & Tricks is Published by Allen & Unwin RRP $16.99 28th November 2018 available online.

Roxy's little black book of tips & tricks