A Ravens Touch Review

I interviewed author Linda Bloodworth about her debut novel, YA paranormal fantasy A Raven’s Touch to find out what it’s like to publish your first novel and where her inspiration came from.

So, debut novel, hey? What was the moment where you decided to make the leap to writing your first novel? 

I first wrote A Ravens’ Touch when I was fourteen after a very vivid dream. I didn’t even realize I was writing it a novel until the story just wouldn’t stop! I’ve always been a writer and I knew a novel was in me, it was just a matter of time. I re-wrote it twenty years later and I upgraded the characters and added more dramatic elements. I feel my fourteen-year-old self would be proud. The book is dedicated to that version of myself.

I love the way reality mixes with the supernatural, I felt the characters were very believable, particularly in the language they used in conversation. How did you navigate the balance between two worlds?

To be honest, I based Justice and Moira after myself and my best friend. What you see is basically how we were and more or less our conversations, so it felt natural and flowed rather easily. Mind you, we had some pretty silly conversations about demons and angels at one point. I’m glad it came across!

Did you worry about using the themes of heaven an hell, from a religious and keyboard warrior point of view?

A little bit, but I wrote this story from my heart, so I can’t imagine anyone seeing this as coming from a bad place. You can’t please everyone.

Having gone through the process of publishing a debut novel, what is a key learning you would like to share with other writers looking to get their book published?

Do your research! There are many avenues of who you should work with regarding your cover, editing, formatting, not all services are created equal.

What’s next? Is there another YA Supernatural book brewing?

There is! A Raven’s Revenge is with my editor right now and I’m writing the outline for A Raven’s Wrath. There will be two more books with the gang for people to enjoy. I have been asked if I will do a spin-off of Moira/Tom, I’m not sure just yet, we’ll see. I’ll never say never.
A Raven’s Touch is an exciting YA paranormal fantasy ride with some surprising plot twists and characters you can really get into. A really solid first novel and I can’t wait to read A Raven’s Revenge!
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