Trumpedia by Dom Knight

Trumpedia – Hilarious, if it wasn’t so frightening!

I was lucky enough to score a Q&A with one of the founding members of The Chaser, Dom Knight to ask him a few questions about his latest book Trumpedia.

With just so much ridiculousness to choose from, how do you decide what goes into Trumpedia?

The subject of Donald Trump’s political career alone is bizarre enough to fill hundreds of books, and we’ve already seen dozens released – but I tried to put together a highlight reel – his life, his family and some of his more bizarre businesses, as well as a few of the high and low points of his presidency. And then I tried to squeeze even more bits in, like his vodka, which was a total disaster everywhere except Israel, and his time as a WWE star.

Did it ever get a bit depressing when collating the information for this book?

I wouldn’t say depressing, I’d say baffling, hilarious and bizarre. Some things I was researching I really couldn’t believe – without wanting to give away too much, let’s just say that his bogus family of health products the ‘Trump Network’ has a certain testing kit that I had to keep checking was real.

Which entry in Trumpedia gives you the most joy?

How can you go past the Mooch, Anthony Scaramucci? A man of massive arrogance and staggering incompetence, who was White House Communications Director and yet had no idea how ‘off the record’ worked, who flamed out in a mere week and a half. To be the most hopeless member of the Trump Administration takes some doing.

I feel like Trumpedia will need regularly updated editions. Already there has been the Kavanagh debacle and toilet paper stuck to Trump’s shoe as he proudly mounted the stairs to Air Force One.  Will you be publishing updates?

If people would read them, I’d be more than happy to write an annual update every year that Trump’s president. After all, why should the Trumps be the only ones who get to trade in on their brand? And then I’d continue the series when he’s succeeded by Ivanka, a thing that she apparently genuinely thought would happen. This could go on forever…

Trump boarding Air Force One with toilet paper stuck to his shoe from BetterEveryLoop

Do you plan to do a Putin-pedia? Or other world -dictators- leaders? Or, is that just too risky?

Vladimir Putin has had a fascinating life, which I’ve tried to reflect in his Trumpedia entry – but of course, I respect the most excellent President Putin far too much to ever dream of poking fun at him. In particular, I respect the frequency with which his political opponents coincidentally die in horrific accidents.

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Trumpedia by Dom Knight

Out now published by Allen & Unwin