‘This book has the biggest sales numbers ever. No other book comes close, period.’

– Sean Spicer

Dominic Knight is one of the founders of The Chaser and his sharp writing and sarcastic observations which are Chaser traits shine through in Trumpedia. Trumpedia is a brilliant, funny, and at times baffling take on the life of the 45th American President (as predicted in 2000 in a Simpsons episode), Donald Trump.

The subjects are in alphabetical order and cover the classics such as Stormy Daniels, Twitter, and my all-time favourite covfefe. Knight delivers snippets of satirical gold in 230 pages but its best to keep the reading sessions short.  Although the book is incredibly funny, you won’t be able to read it all in one sitting, as the novelty wears off after a while.  As the truth starts to layer and reality sinks in, you end up feeling a little flat, rather than laughing your head off.

‘The Apprentice was a reality television show in which contestants vied for celebrity and wealth while avoiding victory in the overall competition, so as not waste a year of their lives working for Donald Trump.’ – Trumpedia

Trumpedia is a great book gift

However, Trumpedia is a fantastic book gift and would be welcome in Santas stocking at Christmas. You’ll read out loud and funny facts about Trump Vodka, Kim Jong Un, Miss Universe, the Presidents love of KFC and of course the source of many a good joke, the Trump sons. A particularly favourite entry of mine was of Vladimir Putin which had me chuckling.

I dipped in and out of this book after reading Outnumbered which highlighted the power of Cambridge Analytica and the effect their manipulation had on the American election. It’s truly frightening how the world is today, but with tragedy, we need comedy to get through and Trumpedia gives us a little bit of that.


Published by Allen & Unwin released 26 September

RRP $29.99

Trumpedia Book Blurb

Covering Trumpian essentials like Mar-a-Lago, Kim Jong-Un, The Mooch, ‘covfefe’, Miss Universe, fast food and of course Vladimir Putin, among other trending topics, Trumpedia is packed with the 45th president’s least favourite things – facts and jokes.

Featuring his unlikely successes in television, wrestling and politics, along with disasters like Trump Vodka, Trump ‘University’ and Trump Child Incarceration, Trumpedia is a roller coaster ride from the absurd to the ridiculous to the genuinely disturbing. It’s just like following Trump on Twitter.

About Dominic Knight

Dom Knight is one of the founders of The Chaser, and as a writer on most of their projects, he was definitely responsible for all of the jokes you liked and none of the bad ones. In recent years he’s also presented serious programmes on ABC Radio and a silly one on Triple M.