what would Boudicca do book review

Tired of your boss bropropriating your ideas and presenting them as his own?

Wondering if the pursuit of having it all has in fact resulted in having not very much?

What Would Boudicca Do?

It is time to start channelling the spiky superwomen of history and conquer the sh*t show that is the modern world. It is time to turn to women like Mae West and Agatha Christie, Hypatia and Cleopatra, Coco Chanel and Cixi.

In this irreverent guide, they will help you figure out how to cope with impostor syndrome, dispatch a love rat, stand up for yourself, get politically engaged, kill it at work, and trounce FoMo. What Would Boudicca Do? will make you fired-up and ready for anything.

what would boudicca do book review

Duffy’s thoughts on What Would Boudicca Do?

This is the perfect gift for any young woman who comes up against daily trials and tribulations of modern life. How do you deal with being cheated on? Or, navigating a complicated relationship where your lover may not be entirely single?  Elizabeth I can help you there!

Undermined at work and assumed to be little more than a pretty face? The iconic Hedy Lamarr can give you the inspiration you need to smash that glass ceiling.

This book is designed to be dipped in and out of during times of imposter syndrome, frustration and insecurity to remind you that women way back in history were challenging the status quo and winning in all sorts of ways. Intelligence, sass, wit and patriarchy fighting are all here to inspire you. Collated and written by E.Foley and B.Coates with a cheeky irreverence and modern twist, this book will have you laughing over a glass of wine and reading chapters to your friends.

A wonderful book which will bring a little smile and a lot of strength to anyone who receives it.

Buy What Would Boudicca Do here for any lover of history and the badass women in your life for under $20!

Published by Faber

RRP $22.99

Released October

what would Boudicca do book review