o is for old school

O is for Old School takes you on an alphabetical journey through the most iconic words and phrases in hip-hop. You’ll soon learn that, for new parents, these words have new meanings: now Peace comes at naptime, a Hood is worn on a head, and when babies Flow, things get wet.

From “All good” to “Zero chill,” your baby will stop buggin’ to check out the dope illustrations for each letter. This book is your chance to become the freshest parent in the playgroup; while your lil’ one learns their ABCs like a G.

o is for old school

Duffy’s Thoughts on O Is For Old School

This is THE perfect book gift for new parents. It’s a great way to teach young kids the ABC’s with fun and engagement from the adult reader and parent. It’s quirky, funny and an awesome book gift for any parent who loves a bit of Hip Hop and a great book for little kids.

The references are charming and the illustrations by Ella Cohen are really quite wonderful.

Copy given to me by Murdoch books for review

O Is For Old School is published September 26

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o is for old school