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I get sent lots of books to read and review, and some I get to choose. Best Foot Forward is one of those books.  Adam Hills has this knack for bridging the Australian and English sense of humour, bringing them together and creating witty, observational and topical comedy.

Aussie readers may recognise Hills from Spicks and Specks whilst us pommies recognise him from The Last Leg with his bloody funny co-hosts Josh Widdecombe and Alex Brooker. Best Foot Forward charts Hills career from uni student through to full-blown proper comedian on TV and everything!

Duffy’s Thoughts On Best Foot Forward

Hills story starts with his childhood without much chat about the fact he has a prosthetic foot because he really didn’t think about it that much and it didn’t stop him doing what other kids did. He shares his fathers love for comedy and his school antics playing the part of ‘the funny kid’. Best Foot Forward then takes a natural course through Hills adult life as most good autobiographies do. A student whose parents reluctantly let him try stand up on term breaks, to his entry into his time on radio, which will take you back through the 90’s with some real earworms; Macarena anyone? I particularly enjoyed these chapters as Hills reflects on what was appropriate on the radio then, which wouldn’t fly today and how it can be tempting to cross an ethical line to get ratings, recognition and fame.

There are chances taken, lost and won which Hills shares with a genuine tone, that makes you root for the guy, even though you know where he ends up! Woven into Hills career history are some personal anecdotes and a smattering of surprise celebrity appearances and friendships and it’s within these chapters Hills opens up more about his disability.

There is plenty to keep the reader interested and I loved the story of how The Last Leg became the program it is today and I gained a real insight in how those with a disability live and want to be seen. I’m looking forward to seeing how HIlls next chapter playing in the Physical Disability Rugby League plays out and I hope that the league gains the traction and fans it deserves.

If you like to laugh and enjoy an autobiography, this is one for you. The perfect balance of comedy, personal accounts and celebrity name drops!

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Published by Hachette and available now in all good bookshops RRP $32.99

best foot forward by Adam hills

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