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The Book Ninja. Original, clever, funny fiction with a distinct Melbournian vibe and endless book references!

Sometimes love means having to broaden your literary horizons

Frankie Rose is desperate for love. Or a relationship. Or just a date with a semi-normal person will do.

It’s not that she hasn’t tried. She’s the queen of online dating. But enough is enough. Inspired by her job at The Little Brunswick Street Bookshop, Frankie decides to take fate into her own hands and embarks on the ultimate love experiment.

Her plan? Plant her favourite books on trains inscribed with her contact details in a bid to lure the sophisticated, charming and well-read man of her dreams.

Enter Sunny, and one spontaneous kiss later, Frankie begins to fall for him. But there’s just one problem – Frankie is strictly a classics kind of gal, and Sunny is really into Young Adult. Like really.

A clever, funny and wryly observed story about books and discovering who you really are.

Duffy’s Review Of The Book Ninja

The quirky title, bold cover and the complimentary origami ninja star was certainly a refreshing change from some of the darker thrillers I’ve been reading for review.  I’ve heard of and follow the growing book movement Books On The Rail too, so I had happy bookworm vibes as I turned the first page.

book review the book ninja

Frankie Rose is like all of us. Messes up social situations with staggering awkwardness, has a wicked sense of humour, is a good and loyal friend, loves to eat pizza and also has crippling moments of self-doubt where she wants to sit on the couch and hide from the world, just for a little bit. Her best friend Cat has all of these qualities too, along with a sarcastic wit you can’t help but love, which makes for an entertaining read.

The Book Ninja is about finding love, maintaining friendships, navigating crazy life situations, blogging, and endless book references which every bookworm will embrace. It’s a glimpse into friendships and relationships in a modern city setting, keenly observed by Melbourne writers Ali Berg and Michelle Kalus.

If you like Lena Dunham, Candace Bushnell or Andy Jones, you will be sure to enjoy The Book Ninja. When you’ve finished it, you might like to leave it on a train, tram, or bus for someone else to enjoy. It’s an original piece of fiction, which is a rare and true gem when you’re a book blogger with a never ending TBR pile.

Sharing your love of books has never been so much fun!

Thank you, Simon and Schuster, for the review copy and looking forward to its May release, I hope to see it on a few public transport seats!

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the book ninja book review