Consent by Leo Benedictus

The Secret History meets American Psyho in this superbly crafted novel.

‘A fascinating, disturbing and original thriller that erases the boundaries of the genre and draws challenging new ones’ Sophie Hannah

This book is an experiment.
We’re experimenting together.
You are part of the experiment if you’ll agree to it.Normally I don’t let my subjects choose to be subjects. If you know you’re being watched, you cease to be you.

But I want you to read this. I wrote it for you.

This magnetic book pulls you in its wake even as you resist its force. Sometimes you don’t want to know what’s next…

Duffy’s Review Of Consent

Wow. Consent is one dark, dark book served up inside a stark white book cover. There are a couple of gruesome scenes within the pages, yet the real darkness is triggered inside your own head as you read the journals and notes of an incredibly meticulous stalker. The reader is drawn in and at times questions are asked of you as you read which drags you into the book further. The ‘man’ goes from what seems to be a very dull life, his past is open to interpretation, to that of his new, all-consuming job when he is left an extortionate amount of money in a relatives will. His job after the giant inheritance is that of a stalker, his dream career realised at last.
The reader witnesses evolution of this new found ‘career’ as he moves from person to person watching, waiting, making copious notes in his notebook until his pinnacle project comes to light, Frances. Frances goes from extremely successful to down on her luck in a matter of days and our guy takes his time, witnessing her reactions to certain situations and watching her downfall from the shadows.
As the intensity builds, so does the creepiness and the last chapter left me with no sleep for the night and extremely glad I live in a small Sydney apartment. The ending is one of the most unsettling I’ve ever read.
Consent is for fans of You and Slade House
3 out of 5 from me
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