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What? You’ve never heard of J. S. Freeman?

Seriously? She’s only the most famous writer on the planet Umban.

Oh—you mean you’ve never heard of Umban either? Well, then, that explains everything.

But you’re in luck! You have the opportunity to expand your horizons, for Umban welcomes visitors. You won’t need a big, heavy travel trunk. Just grab your favourite beverage, find a comfy chair, and take off.

What to expect: The planet is much like Earth in many ways, and its inhabitants will seem familiar, too. I’m pretty sure you’ll feel at home right away. And if you’re an English-speaker—which you are, if you’re reading this—you’ll have no trouble with the language.

Itinerary: Your flight will first take you to the island of Freemansland. True, with its murky stillwaters, that’s not the most pleasant place in the world, but don’t worry; you’ll get to see the other parts of the world before long.

Best time to visit: Whenever you’re in the mood to get away. The people of Uman invite you to come anytime and explore their planet through the eyes of their celebrated citizen, J. S. Freeman.

The whole story of her four lives is too long to fit in one volume, so she spreads it out across three books. Read about them here:

How to get there: You may purchase your ticket in the form of Book 1, Stillwaters, on Kindle at It is also available in both print and Kindle at Amazon US, CA, or UK.

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Yvonne Anderson Writes Fiction

That Takes You Out of This World

Yvonne Anderson
Author Yvonne Anderson

Born in the fifties, growing up in the sixties, and coming of age in the seventies, Anderson is a throwback to a mythical age that perhaps never existed. Is that why she writes about people and cultures that live only in her muddled mind?

Anderson made her publishing debut with the novel The Story in the Stars, first in the four-book series, Gateway to Gannah. Stars was a finalist in the 2012 American Christian Fiction Writers Carol Awards. The other titles in the series: Words in the Wind, Ransom in the Rock, and The Last Toqeph.

After exploring the planet Gannah for several years, Anderson took a brief hiatus from her space travels to write a short contemporary fiction piece, First Love, for a 2017 novella anthology, Coming Home: A Tiny House Collection. Don’t let the title fool you; it’s not a romance.

In early 2018, she launched a new series, The Four Lives of J. S. Freeman, publishing the first book, Stillwaters, in February. The next two titles, Citizen and Free, will be available in the summer and autumn of the same year.

She welcomes interaction with readers on the following sites: