when to jump book review

What Is When To Jump About?

A collection of real-life stories from those who have chosen to defy the status quo and take a leap of faith to pursue a passion – shared to inspire others who feel disillusioned with their lives and are ready for change. Includes a foreword by Sheryl Sandberg.

If you’re at a crossroads, this is the book you need to read to begin chasing your dreams. Includes a foreword by Sheryl Sandberg.

Do you have a little voice in your head telling you to pursue the thing you love? Leaving a comfortable job to pursue a passion is a brave, bold move – but it’s far from impossible. In this inspiring read When to Jump founder Mike Lewis has curated a community of people to share their stories about taking the leap into the unknown – people from all walks of life who left the safe inertia of their own circumstances to try and do what they really wanted to be doing. These are empowering, compelling tales about taking risks and embracing fear.

Forget what you should be doing, what do you want to be doing? What do you love doing? When to Jump will show you that starting something different is possible. Nothing will change unless you make the change – the journey starts here…

Duffy’s Thoughts on When To Jump

There are lots of books out there which promise you your dream life, job and love if you follow the authors simple rules and it can all seem like a bit of a pipe dream. Mike Lewis has tapped into something a little bit different with When To Jump.  Using his own experience of taking the leap from venture capitalist to professional squash player as inspiration, Lewis sought out other people who have made the leap.

What I like about When To Jump, is that it isn’t full of rags to riches stories and people who have changed the world. It’s a collection of stories from ordinary people that have changed their own worlds. Some are complete changes in direction; Jeff Arch, for example, who went from karate school instructor to Hollywood screenwriter, or Rashard Mendenhall who went from professional football player to writer. But, some are as simple, and as frightening, as going for that promotion, or taking a side step into a different department in the same company you work for.

The common theme amongst these uncommon stories is to have a B plan.  Yes, you can have that little voice telling you to give it all up and become a writer or to quit your lucrative management position to launch a start-up, but you need to be sensible and have a backup plan. It’s not all about ‘the jump’, it’s more about planning the jump so that you have a higher chance of success when you decide to take the leap.

I found the stories inspirational, motivational, and above all attainable. Many, many times whilst reading When To Jump, I thought ‘I need to get my jump plan together!’.

This is better than your average motivational read. Original, bite-sized stories which will get you thinking, and more importantly listening to your own inner voice.

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