little me from A-Z Matt Lucas review @duffythewriter

When Little Britain first smacked comedy in the face in 2003, I was immediately on board.  A little bit rude, a little bit near the mark, a weeny bit uncomfortable, and very bloody funny. You know when you’re scrolling through the TV channels looking for something to watch and always settle on your classics?  Well, mine would be Little Britain, Only Fools and Horses and Seinfeld.  That level of comedy just doesn’t age.

So when I had the opportunity to read Little Me, My Life From A-Z by Matt Lucas I snapped it up.  I had absolutely no idea what kind of person he was, after all, I only know him like millions of others; Vicky Pollard (probably my most favourite), the ruthless Marjorie Dawes, and from before Little Britain the Big Baby from Shooting Stars.

Can you spot the birth of some Little Britain characters?

The book isn’t chronological; it’s put together as an A-Z. B for Baldy! N is for Nearest and Dearest, T is for TARDIS etc. At Matt’s own admission he’s a bit crap with dates, and so this way works just perfectly for both writer and reader.  Reading how little Matt lost his hair, how he made and lost friends, and his one true love was incredibly touching in places. Although Matt is very careful not to divulge too much of his personal life, I felt his writing style changed at these points, and I wanted to reach into the pages with a Cadbury’s selection box and give him a big old hug. my all time favourite Little Britain clip

Duffy’s thoughts on Little Me, From A-Z

LIttle Me, My Life From A-Z, is not all ‘Tears Of A Clown’ as Matt’s mother remarked after reading the first draft though, so if you are looking for wit old Matty has it in spades.  Every now and then a little line appeared which I read in one of his characters voices and I found it incredibly interesting to find out how Matt Lucas and David Walliams came together, their writing process, the harsh old world of the stand-up circuit, and how they broke into the mainstream.

Don’t buy this book if you want juicy details on Rebel Wilson or David Walliams. Do buy this book if you want to read about the life of an exceptional comedy writer, and a person full of love, insecurities, and social awkwardness, just like the rest of us.

If you love comedy, good writing and memoirs, get it!