The Last Jedi Review

The Last Jedi has hit theatres and social media is lit with reviews.  The die-hard fans seem critical, but the overwhelming response is a positive one, and I am one of the majority.

Being a child of the 80’s I love the originals, and I absolutely hated the new ones (Phantom Menace, Revenge Of The Sith, Clone Wars). However, The Force Awakens had me interested again (slightly) and The Last Jedi seems to have brought what was good about the originals back, but with a sugary sprinkling of Disney magic, which was to be expected.

The story picks up from The Force Awakens and bounces from one epic battle scene to another. Rey is always welcome as a strong female character and I had all the feels seeing Carrie Fisher on screen as ultimate space heroine Princess Leia.  Kylo Ren is deliciously bad and the conflict inside of him will burn and grow in the next movies for sure.

Having Luke Skywalker back is of course what everyone wanted to see, but I wish he had a bigger part and I struggled with the loss of fire which was in young master Lukes belly. There also wasn’t enough Chewbacca time, that Wookiee is a legend and it seemed that there just wasn’t enough room for him with all the new characters and many scene locations. However, the short screen time with Chewy and the Porgs was some of my favourite moments. Porgs are adorable supporting characters without the annoyance that Jar Jar Binks brought in The Phantom Menace.

The Last Jedi

(Porgs are my life now)

The styling of the ships, aliens and costumes were less CGI and more a hark back to the originals and the 2.5 hours went by at lightspeed.  I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and The Last Jedi is the one I’ve enjoyed most since the classics.

Some have estimated that the movie will gross $555 million during the opening weekend which is a little too optimistic but not impossible given the timing just before Christmas and the anticipated wait.

Get the family together and enjoy an epic tale of good over evil.  Lord knows, the world needs the Rebel Alliance right now!

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