@duffythewriter review a-z modern writers by Andy Tuohy

Andy Tuohy and Caroline Taggart’s eye-catching portraits provide the ideal introduction to the world’s great modern writers. From Maya Angelou to Stefan Zweig, via Simone De Beauvoir Kazuo Ishiguro, Vladimir Nabokov and more.

This is an incredibly colourful, quirky collection of 52 of the greatest modern writers in a compact, hardback book, chock full of amazing illustrations and photographs.  For each writer, there is a bio, along with some quick glance boxes giving you a heads up on works to read and some ‘Did you know?’ trivia.

Duffy’s Thoughts on A-Z Of Great Modern Writers

A-Z Great Modern Writers is a smart, concise and bright book which is jammed full of information and recommended works for all your favourite modern writers, including one of my favourites, Margaret Attwood. It will become a treasured book for any writer and avid reader. This is a book that must be bought in hardback over e-book to truly appreciate it.

a-z great modern writers review

This little hardback book full of greats has sat on my coffee table bringing me inspiration and an ever-growing tbr pile. Buy it now for the bookworm in your life!

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Given to me by Hachette Australia in exchange for an honest review.